Puzzles that Do Good


Green Zenso Zb300
Do Puzzles that Do Good:  Mission Driven, Eco-Friendly, and Made in the USA

We contribute a portion of profits from Zen Puzzles™ to benefit environmental causes, but, perhaps more importantly, an inspiring part of our mission (for us, at least) is to collaborate with non-profits and environmental causes through creating special edition puzzles and other products dedicated to fundraising for those causes.  We’ve also worked hard to make our products and their packaging as eco-friendly as possible and to use raw goods made entirely in the USA, and are proud that our Zen Puzzles are eco-friendly and made entirely in the USA!

Eco Initiatives

The plywood we use for our Zen Puzzles is FSC-certified birch, contains only legal, regionally harvested wood, and is produced using an award-winning, soy-based, formaldehyde-free lamination process.


  • The  company that prints the paper for our retail boxes uses vegetable-based inks and is powered by alternative energy.
  • The chipboard for our retail boxes is 100% recycled content and assembled using all natural, water-based glues.

Our Zen Eco-Notes are made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled content paper, are processed chlorine-free, and are FSC certified.

  • We optimize our packaging for the products they contain.
  • Our shipping boxes are 100% recycled content (95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial content).
  • The water-activated kraft tape we use to seal our shipping boxes is made with a renewable FSC-certified paper backing interwoven with fiberglass threads, layered with a biodegradable laminate, and has a water-activated, high-performing potato starch adhesive.
  • Our shipping labels are 100% post-consumer recycled content and processed chlorine-free.

We strive to source our materials from innovative companies consistently working to raise the environmental standards used within not only their company, but their industry.