Products – Zen Puzzles and Peapod Puzzles

At Zen Art & Design, we handcraft unique, artisanal, wooden jigsaw puzzles from start to finish in our facility in the foothills of Western Massachusetts.  Our jigsaw puzzles have been described by customers as “Jaw-dropping amazing,” “Stunning,” “Absolutely beautiful,” and “The best wooden puzzles I have ever seen.” Created with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship, Zen Puzzles™ and Peapod Puzzles™  are collectible, heirloom quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles, and we invite you to start your own collection of our delightful puzzles. We take great pride in what we make and do, and we hope you will enjoy our heirloom-quality products and come to know more about what we are creating and what we are doing in the world as both a profit-driven and a mission-driven company!

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