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Zen Puzzles Display Tray

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Puzzle Accessory


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Black, wooden tray for displaying assembled puzzles.


*Display trays are not large enough for assembling puzzles–they are sized specifically for displaying completed puzzles (on a coffee table, for instance).  For puzzle assembling trays, please see our handmade Bamboo Puzzle Trays.

*Limited and First Edition Zen Puzzles will NOT fit in the display trays.

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1 review for Zen Puzzles Display Tray

  1. CathyDavis (verified owner)

    These “trays” are more like frames. They are VERY well made, edges perfectly aligned. They hold a completed puzzle so nicely. I have mine tilted at a slight angle upright, leaning against the wall, so it looks like a framed picture. I highly recommend getting one! The small size holds the small puzzle or the peapod puzzle. The medium, the medium puzzle. I’m going to get a large one next!

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