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Zen Puzzles™ are artisanal, heirloom-quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles hand-designed with unique, elegant designs and charming figural pieces. Meticulously crafted in America with eco-friendly materials and fine art prints, Zen Puzzles will be enjoyed by adults or youth (8+ recommended) time and time again over many generations.  The number of pieces in our puzzles varies slightly because we hand-design our collectible puzzles with unique cuts and figural pieces. Product information for our Pink Rose wooden jigsaw puzzle is listed above when a size is selected.

What can I say?  I love roses (among a million other things)!  I let the roses from my garden grow up the side of my house every year.  If I’m lucky, some years they grow right through the deck boards and over the second floor windows, which makes me happy every time I look out the window!  Kind of like I live in a garden in full bloom!

If you’d like a really difficult challenge, you can try the larger sizes of our Red Rose wooden jigsaw puzzle.  It will completely torment you and is not for the faint of heart!  Beware that our Red Rose puzzle is a tormenting puzzle for those puzzlers out there who enjoy pulling their hair out!  Our Pink Rose wooden jigsaw puzzle is slightly easier to put together because the pieces are more “normal,” whereas the pieces in our Red Rose puzzle contain a great number of very abnormal pieces AND they’re all almost the same red color!  Personally, I will not even attempt to do the large size of our Red Rose puzzle, but I personally know a great number of puzzlers who seek the ultimate challenge, and our Red Rose puzzle is it.  That’s not to say that our Pink Rose wooden jigsaw puzzle isn’t a beautiful puzzle and also difficult–it is, but it doesn’t torment you like our Red Rose puzzle does!

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