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London Skyline


Zen Puzzle


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Zen Puzzles™ are artisanal, heirloom-quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles hand-designed with unique, elegant designs and charming figural pieces. Meticulously crafted in America with eco-friendly materials and fine art prints, Zen Puzzles will be enjoyed by adults or youth (8+ recommended) time and time again over many generations.  The number of pieces in our puzzles varies slightly because we hand-design our collectible puzzles with unique cuts and figural pieces. Product information for our London Skyline wooden jigsaw puzzle is listed above when a size is selected.

If you enjoy our London Skyline wooden jigsaw puzzle, or if you love cityscapes, check out our other cityscape puzzles, like New York City Skyline, Chicago Twilight, or Grand Canal at Dusk!

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