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Zen Puzzles™ are artisanal, heirloom-quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles hand-designed with unique, elegant designs and charming figural pieces. Meticulously crafted in America with eco-friendly materials and fine art prints, Zen Puzzles will be enjoyed by adults or youth (8+ recommended) time and time again over many generations.  The number of pieces in our puzzles varies slightly because we hand-design our collectible puzzles with unique cuts and figural pieces. Product information for our Lake Tahoe Winter wooden jigsaw puzzle is listed above when a size is selected.

This is a very different kind of image than the many photos of Lake Tahoe I have viewed over the last year or two as I’ve tried to find the right image for a Zen Puzzle.  I still hope to find the Lake Tahoe image I still have in my mind, but this one stuck out to me because it involves the elements, the seasons, and, above all, the powerful forces of nature that shape the physical landscape around us, as seen in the rock peninsula with trees growing from it, the shoreline behind the viewer’s perspective, the great expanse of water, and the formidably rising, high, majestic mountains across the lake.  I find this to be a powerful display of nature’s prowess and a beautiful outcome of natural forces combining or clashing chaotically together until they attain equilibrium, stasis, a place of peace.

I chose figural pieces for the Lake Tahoe Winter wooden jigsaw puzzle by researching the animals that locals would consider native and sentimental to Lake Tahoe.  There are a LOT more fish blogged about in Lake Tahoe than I would have imagined, but I don’t think I went overboard with fish species native to Lake Tahoe–I do love the Large-Mouthed Bass I put in there!  I also designed a bobcat, a bear, a heron, a mountain beaver, and some other native animals into the puzzle, and, if you’re a local or lover of Lake Tahoe, I hope you find the posse of animal pieces I placed in the puzzle enjoyable and true to your experience of Lake Tahoe!

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